Company Policies

Bouncing Off The Walls Policies

No Silly String please!!

Silly String causes irreparable damage, and will result in a minimum cleaning/repair fee of $300. Silly String damage fees can be as high as $5,000 if replacement of the inflatable is required. We politely ask that you do not even have silly string available at your party.

Security Deposits:

A security deposit is not necessary in most cases when booking over the telephone. All orders booked online require a $25 deposit, and is applied to (reduces) the total balance of your reservation.  The deposit will never be refunded for any reason. The deposit may be applied for 1 year as a rain check IF you cancelled your party before the day of the event. For more information on security deposits please contact a Bouncing Off the Walls representative.

Delivery, Late Pickup & Overnight:

Typically a Bouncing Off The Walls representative will deliver your order on the day you reserved between 7:30am and 30 minutes prior to your reservation start time. Pickup will be after your reservation end time. You will receive your rental at least 30 minutes prior to your reservation start time, sometimes up to 7 hours before. Rentals are picked up after your reservation end time, and may be up to 5 hours or more after your party end time if we have heavy routes that day. Upon delivery the set-up site must be free of debris and in compliance with Bouncing Off The Walls site Policy. If you are planning a late or early party, late or early set-up or pick-up can be arranged through a Bouncing Off The Walls representative before the day of your event. Late pickup and overnight options are available, and start at $35 for dry items and $50 for water items. Special pickup requests starting after about 7pm (or for reservations longer than the standard 6 hour rental window) can pay $15 extra per hour or the late pickup/overnight fee. The amount of the late pickup fee varies depending on the inflatable rented, and can often be avoided if we are able to accommodate your request by putting your delivery at the end of the delivery/pickup route. We always attempt to accommodate your needs. Please contact a representative with any questions or special requirements.

Pick-Up Inspection:

When the Bouncing Off The Walls representative picks-up the Inflatable Unit. The representative will inspect the unit for the following items. Any item that fails inspection can result in the forfeiture of the security deposit.
• The unit is excessively dirty due to silly string, gum, or food or other banned items.
• Damage to the unit (Irreparable damage will result in damage fees ranging from $500 to $5,000)
• Water in a unit that is rented dry, not resulting from weather.

Cancellation Policy:

Due to safety concerns, Bouncing Off the Walls reserves the right to cancel deliveries in the case of severe weather. Customers who cancel their reservation will not receive a refund of the deposit; however, if cancelled by 9pm the day before the reservation, the deposit will be held as a rain check, and can be applied to a date within 12 months of the original event date. After hours cancellation notifications can be made by replying to your confirmation email or by emailing . There are no refunds or rainchecks for reservations cancelled on the day of the event. Note regarding rainchecks and rescheduling: the unit originally reserved is subject to availability and may not be available for the subsequent date. Again, customers who cancel the day of the event forfeit their deposit. No exceptions.


The following rules will help keep you and your guests safe while enjoying your inflatatable unit. Further, you are encouraged to direct any questions you may have about the operation of the inflatable to your representative from Bouncing Off The Walls.

Supervision: The safety of the children depends on you. Your personal supervision is absolutely required at all times. As the lessee of this inflatable unit, the safety of all the riders is your responsibility. As the adult supervisor, you should position yourself in close proximity of the entrance to the inflatable and be prepared to assist users when they enter/exit the unit

Age Groups: Only compatible age groups and sizes shall play on the inflatable at the same time. Please read and adhere to the maximum number of users for your rental

Shoes/Glasses/Jewelry: All users MUST REMOVE SHOES, GLASSES, AND ALL LOOSE JEWELRY before playing in the inflatable.

Pre-existing Health Conditions: Pregnant women, individuals with pre-existing injuries, and others susceptible to injury from falls, should not use the inflatable.

Flipping/Wrestling/Piling: Improper use of the inflatable includes flipping in the air, wrestling, and riders piling on themselves. Such activity may result in neck and back injuries to users.

Installation: Do not remove the inflatable from the area where it was installed. If the inflatable unit moves, pull it by one of its corners back to its original location of installation. Keep the inflatable unit away from swimming pools and other sources of water at all times.

Inclement Weather: Once there is a threat of inclement weather, including strong winds, thunderstorms (especially when lightening is present), or severe cold weather (below 40 degrees), children should immediately exit the inflatable. The blower should thereafter be switched off and removed, and the unit allowed to deflate.

Deflation: Should the unit begin to deflate, do the following: First, have all children exit the unit immediately. Next, if the motor has stopped, make sure that it has not been unplugged. If the motor is still running, check the air intake on the side of the motor for blockage, and check both blower tubes on the inflatable unit to make sure that they are tightly tied off. Never allow users in or on a partially inflated unit.

Alterations: No alteration in or attachments to the inflatable unit are allowed, period.

General Misuse: Do not allow users to play or climb on walls, sides or roof of inflatable. Do not allow the inflatable to rub up against any surface. Never place a water hose or water in general onto the inflatable. If the inflatable should become wet, have an adult wipe down unit before users return. Inflatable should not be wet when users enter the unit.